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My Favorite Malia May Johnson Sexy Hot Quotes 67 by Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson

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My Favorite Malia May Johnson Sexy Hot Quotes 67 by Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson:

“Oh my f-ing god! Pregnancy orgasms are so fucking good they are addictive! Fuck!” Malia May Johnson

“I can’t help it. My body wants to squirt.” Malia May Johnson

“So much horny is down there. Please?” Malia May Johnson

“I can describe sex while pregnant in three words……Multiple intense orgasms!” Malia May Johnson

“My body is producing extra estrogen and oxytocin because I am pregnant as f. I want it every time you want to give it to me. Don’t you understand?” Malia May Johnson

“You humping me is all I can think about. I am requesting a long, very long inya time session asap.” Malia May Johnson

“Another reason I am so wet and can’t stop cumming is the increased sensitivity. It’s one of the little known perks of pregnancy.” Malia May Johnson

“I can’t help it. I have hibido.” Malia May Johnson

“Pregnancy sex improves pelvic floor strength. You don’t want me to have weak that do you?” Malia May Johnson

“My horny hormones are running wild again. I need you to help me with that Michael David Johnson.” Malia May Johnson

“#sexdrivelikearacecar #takeabreakfromworkandsmashme #sowetandwantingyourdickrightnow” Malia May Johnson

“Pull it out and go to town Mr. Johnson.” Malia May Johnson

“We are in pregnancy’s honeymoon phase. That means I have raging hormones for sex all the time. Cool huh?” Malia May Johnson

“Do not enter this room unless you want sex.” Malia May Johnson

“Be inside me while you tell me about it. It will be better, okay?” Malia May Johnson

“I can’t friggin sleep. Will you rub me or bang me or lick me or vibrate me or anything you want to me?” Malia May Johnson

“All you want stressed out sexy man. Put it right here.” Malia May Johnson

My Favorite Malia May Johnson Sexy Hot Quotes 66 by Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson –

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