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Malia May Johnson Fashion Picture Quotes Collection

Malia May Johnson Fashion Picture Quotes Collection Post Picture

“The internet won’t be perfect until I can download clothes and shoes.” Malia May Johnson

“I like to wear high heeled shoes that hurt my feet, that make you want to fuck me. You like to wear tennis shoes. We both like what we like, so let’s wear what we like and be done with it.” Malia May Johnson

“The most fashionable clothes, shoes and purses all under one roof. This is almost to much to take.” Malia May Johnson

“I love our children the most, then you, then clothes, shoes and purses.” Malia May Johnson

“The best things in life might be free, but these Suola So Kate Louboutin’s are epic as f@$k!” Malia May Johnson

“For my birthday remember that I like the 2 Lou’s. Louis Vuitton and Louboutin.” Malia May Johnson

“When I was a kid my mom told me I used to fall asleep holding my favorite toy. Now I’m a big girl, and I will be holding on to this purse when I fall asleep tonight.” Malia May Johnson

“Louboutin’s have red soles to symbolize love and passion. That is sexy. When I wear high heels that accentuate my butt, you want to have sex with me. That is sexy. Shoes can be sexy. Shoes can lead to sex. Shoes can make sex better. You could say that shoes aren’t sexy, but you would be wrong.” Malia May Johnson

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