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20 Even More Morer Reasons I Love You Michael David Johnson

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Michael David Johnson,

There are many reasons why I love you Michael David Johnson, but since I only have so much time to list reasons at the moment, I have decided to tell you another 20 more reasons why I love you so much right now……

1. You always encourage and support me.

2. Your mom. Jeanne is awesome. Most wives have issues with their mother in law, but not me. Your mom is the best mother in law and grandma/mam mam ever!

3, I love you for giving me endless reasons to love you.

4. I love your neurotech brain implant. I put this as a reason because I know you feel weird about it sometimes, and I want you to know that you don’t to. I love all that is you and a part of you, which includes your neural implant.

5. I love you for being willing to be a hero. I know people don’t realize the heroes’ burden that you have to carry. They only see the cool rich cyber bad boy American hero “MJ The Terrible” side of your life, but I know the toll it takes on you.

6. I love you because you come up terms like “The Booty Industrial Complex” to describe my booty.

7. I love you because you say things like “let me indulge in a little bit of you first.”

8. I love you because you can make complicated simple. Example….

Me: Why is all of the illegal immigration happening?

You: There are a lot of reasons, but the main reasons are cheap labor, the dems want to turn red border states blue, and the globalists want centralized global government structure.

9. I love your big dick! This one always makes the list! 😉

10. I love how you hold me. I know we are forever, but if we ever got a divorce, you have to hold me whenever I want will be in the divorce decree.

11. I love how you let me win when we play games, but I can tell you could win if you wanted to.

12. I love how you figure shit out with. You are MJ The MacGyver. Not that I wanted our old house to flood, because obviously I didn’t but you kept our family safe, built a makeshift ramp hallway ramp out of bed boards, and other nifty things like that.

13. During the most embarrassing private moment of my life, even though it was just the two of us, you made me not feel like the most disgusting person ever. It is in these moments that you show me just how much you really love and care about me.

14. I love how no matter how late I am; you are always later than I am.

15. I love how when we go to social events, but I am not feeling good, etc., you do all the socializing for us and all I have to do is hold onto you and smile and nod my head.

16. I love how when we go to social events and I am feeling good, etc., you let me do most of the socializing and you just hold onto me and smile and nod your head.

17. Almost more than anything, I love you so much because you bring peace to my life by balancing out my chaotic feminine emotional energy with your calming stoic masculine male energy.

18. I love you for that absurdity that is you and everything that comes with being Mrs. “MJ The Terrible”.

19. I love you for future things that I know you will do, but I don’t know what things are yet.

20. I love how you get offended by things I say that I think you want me to say, but really you don’t want me to say. Example-

I love you forever and ever and ever and ever and……..ever!



P.S. And even more morer!!!!

20 Reasons I Love You Michael David Johnson –

20 More Reasons I Love You Michael David Johnson –

20 More Reasons I Love You Michael David Johnson –

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