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Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson Awarded Distinguished Intelligence Cross

Michael "MJ The Terrible" Johnson Distinguished Intelligence Award Photo

What my 6-year-old son CJ said about his Daddy(me) being awarded the Distinguished Intelligence Cross.

He said these 6 things, and I decided to write them down.

1. “I love you hero Daddy. Have you ever fighted Red Skull, Captain America’s bad guy?”

2. “Remember when on Christmas Eve when Donald Trump the President called and said you were a hero? Is this a copy of the hero thing he said?”

3. “You know what would be even cooler than this? It would be cooler if it said you were a superhero, because superheroes are cooler than just regular heroes. I think superheroes are the highest you can go.”

4. “Am I going to see you less because you’re a hero now?” (Side note- Not a chance in hell! That’s not what I said to him, but that’s what I was thinking.)

5. “Can we wrestle now? I don’t even care if you are a hero now. I am going to whoop you silly.

Then he whispered to me- “You know I’m just kidding right? That is what John Cena would say to another wrestler. Pretend you are the wrestler John Cena is going to beat. After I do all my moves, that’s when I’m going to pin you.”

6. “My teacher said your computer virus is the reason we didn’t have to war with Iran. Where is Iran? Is that by Ohio?”

Important note: A special thank you to my friends and family! I couldn’t have accomplished being awarded the Distinguished Intelligence Cross, gotten a college degree, built successful businesses, etc., if I didn’t have such amazing, caring, loving, supportive friends and family!

To My Best Friend Lorie –

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