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Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson Logo Picture Quotes and Rules For Success

Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson’s 23 Rules To Follow To Become Successful: I am so glad I did not listen to all of the negative people in my life who said following my dreams was a stupid idea. Most of the time when I would try to share my hopes and dreams with someone, I would hear things like- “Michael’s…

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Masters of Money LLC Italian Proverb Determined Picture Quote
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Giant Inspirational Quote Pictures Collection

Sometimes we all need a little motivation. Hopefully the following picture quote collection will provide you with the motivation you need to stay focused and keep you moving towards your goals. “If plan A doesn’t work, plan B will, and if plan B doesn’t work, there’s a whole alphabet full of letters to make plans on.” Michael “MJ The Terrible”…

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Michael MJ The Terrible Johnson Akron Ohio Harvey Firestone Quote Picture Collage
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15 Critic To Doer Translations by Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson

15 Critic To Doer Translations by Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson: It can be hard for the critics and the entrepreneurs/dreamers/doers to understand each other, so I thought it might be a good idea to help translate. Here are 15 Critic To Doer Translations: 1. He/she talks to himself in the mirror. = Getting mentally prepared to do well when…

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