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Malia Takes The Hint

MJ: Let’s see if you can take a hint>>>>> MJ: The following words contain clues to what is on my mind>>>>> MJ: Asspirin MJ: Assimilation MJ: Asspartame MJ: Asstonia MJ: Assteroid MJ: Asstonishment MJ: Asstrophysics MJ: Asspen MJ: Assist MJ: Assurance MJ: Assertiveness MJ: Assortment MJ: Asstralia MJ: Ass Gas or Cash MJ: Ass MJ: Ass MJ: Ass Malia: Titties!…

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Motivation and Encouragement Picture Quotes Collection

Motivation and Encouragement Picture Quotes Collection: “Down is not out. Broke is not broken. With the right outlook on life, impossible stands for I’m possible, and comeback stories of epic proportions, are the stories we remember forever!” Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson – Founder and Owner – Masters of Money, LLC. “The life of your dreams is possible. The formula…

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